My Heart, Be Still


What Do I Need?

ask and receive-02.png

“Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened for you.” -Matthew 7:7

I often pray for other people in my life who are having a difficult time with things but for some reason I have a very hard time asking Christ for things in my own life. I was at confession the other week and I was speaking with the priest about everything that was heavy on my heart at that moment. After we chatted for a few minutes, he told me to ask God for what I needed. I am not a person to admit to other people that I need help very easily and that has also been true for my relationship with Christ.

Ask God for what I need. What do I need?

Such a simple question and for me a very complicated answer.

As I began to reflect, I realized that what I needed from God changes. I mean there are always those constant spiritual needs where fulfillment can only come from the Lord like love, guidance, and wisdom and so many others. But I began reflecting on what I needed much more often during the day. What do I need in this situation. Strength? Courage? Understanding? Patience?

Reflecting often throughout the day gave me a chance to let the Lord into every part of my daily life and ask Him what I can or should do differently in each situation.

I challenge each of you to reflect throughout the day and ask the Lord for what you need. Big needs and small, He takes care of them all.