My Heart, Be Still


Even Jesus Fell


 “And as they came out, they found a man of Cyrene, Simon by name: him they compelled to bear [Jesus’] cross.” - Matthew‬ ‭27:32

The Lenten season is one that brings about many emotions in me. Part of me loves that it’s a radical time that God challenges Catholics as a whole to step up their game and show the world how much they love Him. This part of me that loves lent makes me want to completely change my life each lent. 

The other part of me is very much a lazy human being. She doesn’t quite understand (or agree with) why suffering is a sign of love. She wants to sleep in and eat ice cream instead of pray each morning and obey the restrictions she put upon herself for love of God. 

It is these two battling pieces that exist not only during lent, but throughout the whole year, and that make me often feel as though I’m a failure. I don’t ever see why I can’t be better and stop falling down so much! 

But when reflecting about Holy Week, I finally had a realization:

Jesus fell.  

Jesus fell.  

Jesus didn’t fall because he was a weak human being. Jesus didn’t fall because he didn’t have the strength to go on. He was God, you know. So He didn’t HAVE to fall. But instead, God let Him fall.  

Not as a punishment. Not because He forgot to step in. But so that humans could step in to help Jesus along his walk to die for us. 

He fell so that he could set for us an example. We can’t do anything alone. And that doesn’t just mean that we can’t do anything without God. It also means that without the community of others, we can’t carry our crosses. Jesus didn’t carry his cross alone. Why do we think that we have to?

This week, sisters, I challenge you to realize who in your life you can let carry your cross with you. Who can you lean on when you’ve fallen like Jesus leaned on Simon of Cyrene? Who can wipe off your face like Veronica did for Jesus so that you can see the end goal of Heaven again? Who can pray with you like the women of Jerusalem prayed with Jesus? Who do you have to pick you back up and keep you on track to get to heaven? Find those people and keep them close.  

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a Holy Week blessed with a greater understanding of Gods love for us. As always, you’re in my imperfect prayers. <3

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