My Heart, Be Still


He Will See You Through


“Suffering is a sign that you have come so close to Him that He can kiss you.” -Mother Teresa

In mass this past weekend, I was thinking about how much different life would be just if suffering didn’t exist. After hearing that my dads cancer had returned, I have pondered about how simple life would be suffering free. Everyone happy, and healthy. But there is something about those situations that show us who we are and who God is.

It is the struggles in life and how we respond to them that make us who we are.

I don’t know about you but to me, suffering has never felt like a kiss from Jesus.  I have recently been speaking with some of my friends about life and suffering. My friend mentioned that each of us think that we deserve an easy life and we do. But it is the suffering that makes the blessings so amazing. It is our suffering that can help others to suffer less by offering our suffering up for them.

We all have situations in our lives that are difficult and how we respond to them changes us in many ways. In each of these situations, countless graces are available for us. Not only do we receive these graces, we can empathize with others who are in the same situation or feeling the same way. Sisters, this is where we are able to help one another reach the eternal goal of heaven.

I challenge myself and each of you to open up about your struggles with your friends or family and help them to make the load a little lighter. Try to feel the presence of Christ and Momma Mary’s arms around you through your suffering. And above all, TRUST that He will see you through.