My Heart, Be Still


Give us this day...


“Give us each day our daily bread” Luke 11:3

Overwhelmed has been a familiar word for me lately. 

 I’ve been called to put on a retreat this spring (shoutout to the amazing Veritas- you all should come), to plan a wedding, to write a blog, to be a nurse, to be there for my friends and family, and to [almost officially] bring another soul to Heaven- the largest task of all!

I do not feel equipped for any of the above mentioned and I so easily get stressed and overwhelmed thinking about my to-do list or focusing on the ways I am failing.

I know that all of these things are good and I count them all as immense blessings that I thank God for, but with such a full plate, I’m reminded that I can’t do any of it without Him.

When I was praying about this recently, I know God was listening, because when I read the daily readings the next day, they just about had my name in them.  I encourage you to read Mark 6:34-44.

It was the familiar story of Jesus feeding the crowd of 5,000 with just five loaves of bread and two fish.

 I’ve heard it all before, but with some reflection, it spoke to me more than ever. 

In the passage, it’s clear that the disciples are overwhelmed and full of doubt, because the large crowd needs food, and Jesus tells the disciples to, “Give them some food yourselves.”

Their response is a little sneer, and full of doubt, similar to my response when God asks a lot of me- it’s basically a question of, “how in the world do you expect me to do that?”

Jesus  replies with, “How many loaves do you have?”

I picture them looking at each other thinking, “Yeah, we don’t have much. This isn’t going to end well”.  They only have five loaves of bread and two fish, they’re clearly not the ones for the job.

Which I can totally relate to- feeling so unprepared to accomplish the tasks at hand.

But right before their eyes, Jesus miraculously uses what the disciples had to feed the entire crowd, with even some leftover.

Similarly, God is using you and me to accomplish the tasks He’s put before us. 

 I’ve been feeling like there is so much on my plate and I don’t have the energy, joy, grace, or holiness to fulfill these tasks.

But, I don’t have to feel prepared to accomplish these responsibilities. He will take my puny human soul and multiply the few gifts I have to accomplish His will.  We just have to open our hearts up to Him, and let our prayer be that His will be done, not ours.

He knows we aren’t equipped to do it on our own, He knows we fail, and He knows that it’s a lot- that is why we have to lean on Him.  

When we turn to God, He gives us our daily bread to sustain us for the journey. He will give us the grace, the strength, the hope, or whatever it is you need to tackle the challenging road ahead, just like he did for the crowd.  

Today, ladies, let us pray that God will give us our daily bread- give us what we need to do His will, because He knows more than we do! If you feel discouraged by the burden, or the task at hand, lean on Him and know that we are not made to do this on our own. I challenge you to trust in Him! 

Thanks for reading & I’m praying for all of your beautiful souls!