My Heart, Be Still


Answer The Call


"Jesus stopped and said 'Call him.' So they call the blind man saying to him, 'Take courage; get up, He is calling you.'" -Mark 10:49

This past weekend, we had the amazing opportunity to speak at the Women’s Conference in our hometown parish. This isn’t something that I ever saw myself doing because speaking in front of people isn’t my favorite thing and I didn’t think that I would have anything to say. What I failed to realize is that it isn’t about what I have to say to a room full of women, it’s about what God wants to say through me.

It truly amazes me how the blogs we write or the speech we gave at the conference has touched people’s hearts. Then I remember that this isn’t me writing, it’s all God. God uses each of us and the talents He gave us to help other people, to guide them, or simply just to be there for them on their journey to Heaven. We just have to be open.

God calls each of us to get out of our comfort zone and answer His call. I am someone who loves my comfort zone because everything seems easier and yes, comfortable. But, when God calls us out and we listen, our lives change from being comfortable to being great, exceptional, and extraordinary. We are called to be a witnesses for Christ and give all of the glory to His Kingdom. It is not easy, but it is the mission that we are called to as Christians.

I challenge myself and each of you to take a small step out of your comfort zone this Lent. Start a small group, ask someone to be your accountability partner, dedicate more time each day to prayer, or whatever it is that you feel God is calling you to. Take that step to deepen your relationship with Christ.

A big thank you to all of you who read and support this blog. We love you and are praying for you daily.