My Heart, Be Still


Turn to Him


“But you, Lord, do not be far from me.
    You are my strength; come quickly to help me.” - Psalm 22:19

What is the struggle on your heart? When you are silent, which pain from deep within becomes central to your thoughts? Who are you when you are all alone?

These questions are deep and if we’re being honest, they’re scary. It’s easiest to tuck our fears away in some corner, hoping they’ll never come out. When our attempts fail us and they do escape, the world feels like it is crushing us, and everything comes crashing down.

The waves sometimes feel like they’re getting bigger by the second and our boat feels like it could capsize and be lost in the storm. We make mistakes and think our futures are over. We lose our way and think we have no hope. We stop believing that we deserve better than the messes we have made for ourselves and choose instead to sit in our sin, all alone.

Who are you when you are alone?

Trick question.

You are never alone.

God. Is. There.

He is ALWAYS there.

In the pain and the sorrow; He is there.

In the desperation and depression; He is there.

In the loneliness and the isolation; He is there.

In the brokenness and mistakes; He is there.

Sisters, He is crying out to you today:

“My Daughter, I love you. Turn to Me.”

God is never far from us, He is already right next to us. He’s waiting for us to stop facing away from Him, but instead to give Him our full focus and attention. He isn’t judging us. He isn’t condemning us. He’s loving us and awaiting our return.

In this season of lenten repentance, I challenge you, sisters, to listen to God’s call. Spend some time in silence, in adoration, and make the sacrament of reconciliation a priority. You’ll be amazed at the joy He’s been saving for his prodigal daughter to return home.