My Heart, Be Still


Be Strong in the Lord


“Be strong in the Lord and never give up hope. You’re gonna do great things, I already know. God’s got his hand on you so don’t live life in fear. Forgive and forget but don’t forget why you’re here. Take you’re time and pray. These are the words I would say,” -The Words I would Say by Sidewalk Prophets.

I was listening to The Words I Would Say on my way home from work and thinking about how the meaning of Lent has changed for me over the past years. When I was younger, I would do the same thing every Lent. I gave up sweets and pop because I thought Lent was just about fasting from a little bit of luxury. What I failed to realize is that Lent is so much more than that.

I came to realize that Lent is a beautiful time of the liturgical year set aside not only for fasting but giving me an opportunity to grow in my relationship with Christ and others. It is a time to be bold in my faith and step out of my comfort zone for Christ in my daily life and allows me to live my faith through actions.

As I got older, I began to challenge myself by taking cold showers, fasting from TV (besides March Madness), and sleeping on the floor. When I challenged myself, my faith grew deeper and my relationship with Christ was stronger. Comfort and luxury weren’t as important. I was able to offer up my little bit of suffering each day for someone in my life.

This is one of my favorite liturgical season because during Lent I am constantly reminded of God’s presence in my life. Whether it is fasting from something or doing something extra in my daily life, I am constantly reminded of the promise I made to God on Ash Wednesday and the sacrifice that He made for us.

It is easy to get caught up in everyday frustrations and the everyday struggles that life throws at us but we must remember why we are here. Lent is an amazing reminder that we are here for Him. To spread His message to others. To love Him by loving our neighbors. To live this life He gave each of us for Him.

I challenge myself and each of you to do something small each day this Lent to improve your relationship with Christ. And when Christ rises on Easter Sunday, keep doing little things to deepen your relationship with Christ.

HUGE shoutout to the Pewamo-Westphalia Girls Basketball team for winning the state championship this past weekend. Congratulations on a well deserved win :) Love seeing them at religion class every Monday night!