My Heart, Be Still


Increasing Trust

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“And we have this confidence in him, that if we ask anything according his will, he hears us.” 1 John 5:14


I always struggle with incorporating God into my everyday life. I may be able to do 20 minutes of prayer here, say a rosary there, but then it seems like I go off and live my life, often losing focus.

It’s something I’m always trying to work on, and am slowly getting better at, but in the end, still failing miserably.

One thing I have gotten better at recently is saying a quick prayer before something big, scary, or challenging.

I’ve noticed especially at work, when I have to do something either less than desirable or something challenging that I’m nervous about, if I say a quick prayer, it somehow ends better than expected.


In some cases, I believe, it improves the outcome, in others it just helps me change my perspective. But either way, I have been amazed at the little ways God has answered these simple pleas and increased my trust in Him. 

I used to think God shouldn’t be bothered by such small requests, or that He wouldn’t really care about me trying to start an IV, or whatever else the task at hand is . But I’m learning that opening up to Him in the small, mundane ways helps me welcome Him in to more and more parts of my life 

And at the same time, it gives Him the opportunity to remind me of His love, power, and never ending presence.

Seeing God answer my little prayers increases my faith and total trust in Him that if He cares about the little prayers, He most certainly is listening to the big, deep prayers in our hearts.


I challenge each of you to say a quick prayer today before doing one thing you’re dreading, fearing, or maybe even excited about. Invite God into that something small and let Him show you his powerful works. And be renewed in the faith that He does indeed hear our prayers. Jesus, I trust in you!


Thanks again for reading & enjoy the sun this Friday!