My Heart, Be Still


One in A Million


“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” - Romans 8:28

It’s so crazy for me to think about how many people are ACTUALLY in this world. It’s even crazier to think about how many people have actually existed over time! And yet, somehow, none of us have ever had the exact same life experience.

We often like to think that we will have the same life experience as someone else. We judge our happiness by what our peers are doing and assume that we shouldn’t be happy unless we are following their same path. But ya know, we often forget something very important:

God didn’t make us all the same.

In fact, He didn’t make us all the same for an actual reason!

He needs us each to play a special role in helping Him lead others to heaven.

However, often, instead of looking for our purpose, we compare ourselves and focus on the ways that we’ve failed to meet the ‘perfect’ life that society says we need. We fall into a trap of focusing on how life isn’t fair.

As much as it’s nice to believe that we all deserve a ‘perfect’ life with a stereotypical happy ending, it’s so much nicer to realize that we aren’t called to something so small. We aren’t called to mediocrity. We aren’t called to society’s ‘perfection'.

We are called to greatness.

For God.

In a way that no one else in this world is, or has ever been, called to it.

While He doesn’t cause bad things like suffering to happen to us, He has plans that let us use our sufferings to ultimately make the world a better place and increase our own happiness in the the end.

He doesn’t cause our trials, but He does use them as opportunities to show the power of hoping in Him.

He doesn’t rejoice in our despair, but He does allow them to bring us closer to Him.

He doesn’t plan out our saddness, but He does use it to emphasize the eternal joy that an eternity with Him will bring.

God didn’t make us to be “perfect” as the world wants.

God made us to strive to seek Him and His will EVERY day, so that we can truly find the perfection within ourselves that He created.

I challenge you, sisters, to love yourself for what God made you to be. Seek Him first, and realize that He isn’t trying to limit you, but is instead trying to lead you where you will truly find your happiness. Trust in Him.

As always, you’re all in my imperfect prayers <3