My Heart, Be Still


Be Not Afraid


“And Jesus came and touched them, and said, Arise, and be not afraid.” -Matthew 17:7

Whenever I go on a big trip or retreat, I get this fear and anxiety a few weeks before the trip. I pack, unpack and repack multiple times because packing is the only thing about that trip that I can control. I think it is because I know in my heart that the trip is going to be life changing for me. I don’t 'like change so thinking that something could shake up my life is scary for me.

How many times do we hear “Be not afraid” in the Bible? Not that I have counted but Google says that the phrase is in the Bible 365 times. And I like that. A reminder for each day of the year not to be afraid.

It is comforting to hear but hard to truly believe.

What I have learned is that it is fear holds us back from spiritual and personal growth.

We can’t be afraid of change or how life can change us. We need to take the leap of faith. When we take the leap, then He is there to catch us and He will never let us fall. He will be there to help us through.

I challenge each of you and myself not to let fear dictate your decisions. Trust in the Lord and be not afraid. Take a leap of faith.

Know that each of you will be in my prayers as my family and I go to Lourdes and Fatima at the end of this week. Please keep us in your prayers for safe travels and healing.