My Heart, Be Still


Answering the Knock

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“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” - Galatians 6:9

Wow, it’s been a while since any of us have sat down to write and so first, its only right that we offer an apology for our unannounced leave of absence from writing. Life has been busy - so so busy - with new jobs, weddings, and life schedules. However, we are back and ready to begin anew as God has been knocking on our hearts for a while to get back into writing.

If you didn’t notice, this summer we accidentally took a three month break from blogging. We kept saying ‘oh next week I’ll write’, ‘oh next week I’ll post’, ‘oh next week…’ but never acted until somehow, three months went by.

Sometimes, when life is crazy, it’s so so easy to make prayer the first thing to procrastinate on because prayer is such a personal thing in comparison to most other tasks. For example, if you're overwhelmed by life and you stop showering or doing laundry or cleaning your house then people around you are going to notice that you’re starting to stink. However, there isn’t really a ‘stink’ that occurs outwardly when prayer falls away. No one else holds you accountable for your innermost spiritual wellbeing.

In fact, sometimes it takes a while for ourselves to even notice the difference.

But, as we realize our lives are falling apart, it usually clicks that what’s been lacking is time spent with God.

So here we are, publicly stating that sometimes (read: always) we too struggle with consistency and this summer was a prime example of our humanity. We’re not bloggers because we’re perfect, and we’re not perfect because we’re bloggers, we really are just like you!

One thing we’ve learned again and again is that getting back into things isn’t easy and sometimes the best way is to ease back into them. So, for the time being we’ll be posting one blog a week - on Tuesdays. Baby steps!

Let’s get back into this ladies! I challenge you, and myself, to set new goals and plot a clear course toward them, even if it’s small baby steps toward them. With God, all our goals can be realized in His time and way. Let us begin anew.

Thank you for reading and for sticking with us! As always, you’re in my imperfect prayers and we hope that you’ll especially keep us in yours as we get back to writing.