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Better Late than Never

I’ll admit it - I’m always late. It seems like no matter what I try to do to get myself to NOT be late (wake up earlier, set reminders, etc.) something always causes me to be late. In fact, it’s the reason that this blog post is a whole week late! Lately, I’ve gotten so wrapped up in the present that I haven’t made time to sit down and write. You see, sisters, that’s the beauty of the way that God made us and loves us and knows us! He already knew that I was going to be late on writing this post. In fact, He also probably knew that someone needed to read this blog post today - instead of last week…

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One in A Million

It’s so crazy for me to think about how many people are ACTUALLY in this world. It’s even crazier to think about how many people have actually existed over time! And yet, somehow, none of us have ever had the exact same life experience…

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Imperfectly His

Fun Fact: Humans are not perfect.

It’s something we inherently know, but it’s something that we don’t often act like we know. I, for one, often hold myself (and others!) to a standard of perfection - assuming that we’ll be able to meet these crazy expectations. Then, when we inevitably fail, I am upset that we couldn’t be perfect.

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His Mercy Endures Forever

When was the last time that you went to the sacrament of reconciliation?

At different points in my life, the answer to this question has varied completely. Many times, I’ve been a once-a-year confession attendee (since that is the requirement to remain a Catholic in good standing with the church, not because I wanted to go). Other periods of time has seen me attempt to go monthly, when I’m trying my hardest to better myself, although those periods don’t often last long. The reasons to not go to confession always seem abundant but the root of them all is typically one thing: fear.

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Even Jesus Fell

The Lenten season is one that bring about many emotions in me. Part of me loves that it’s a radical time that God challenges Catholics as a whole to step up their game and show the world how much they love Him. This part of me that loves lent makes me want to completely change my life each lent. 

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Turn to Him

What is the struggle on your heart? When you are silent, which pain from deep within becomes central to your thoughts? Who are you when you are all alone?

These questions are deep and if we’re being honest, they’re scary. It’s easiest to tuck our fears away in some corner, hoping they’ll never come out. When our attempts fail us and they do escape, the world feels like it is crushing us, and everything comes crashing down.

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Woe to You

Let me be honest for a second and tell you that I have a hard time applying the weekly Sunday readings and gospels to my life. Many times a priest will have a good homily that I find very inspiring but more often than not, as soon as I leave the church I completely forget what they talked about or what my plans were on implementing the gospels into my life. However, last weekend the last words in the gospel from Luke really struck me to the core…

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Without Love

When was the last time you slowed down? I mean REALLY slowed down. The kind of slow that allows you to see the small things that God is doing to get your attention each and every day. 

I for one, often get caught up in life and fail to be slow and present to what is here and now. I’m so focused on being “perfect” that I fail to focus on those around me and giving them all of the love and attention they need.  

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For His Glory

One of the special things about Catholicism over other religions is our belief in saints and our use of them as intercessors. When we pray to the Holy Men and Women, we don’t ask that they grant our prayers but instead that they take our prayers to God (who they are with in heaven) on our behalf so that He might answer them. Now, it’s so easy to think of these men and women as the perfect humans they are now that they’re in heaven. And, when you think of them like that, it’s hard to imagine that each and every one of us is called to join them in heaven! 

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Plant Yourself

I have a knack for killing plants. It seems like no matter what I do to try and keep them alive, they die. I’ve tried variations of water and sunlight, plant food, and even special lighting and still I have a higher failure rate than success rate, so much so that for one of my birthdays a friend got me a fake plant because it’s such a running joke.

It seems that none of the plants are hardy enough to withstand the distress that I cause them.

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Renew and Rebuild

I’ll be honest with you, I had every intention of starting off this new year with a better prayer routine. I was going to get my life together and center it more perfectly around God and His will for my life. However, because I am human (and a very large mess of a human at that), I have failed yet again.

It isn’t even the failure that has been bugging me though, as I’ve failed Him many many times in the past.

Instead, the unrest that is in my heart is due to the stagnation I’ve found in my spiritual life - one that is completely self imposed.

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If You Just Believe...

There really is nothing quite like the magic of Christmas. The season is full of special things that only happen once a year: the baking of too many cookies, the wrapping of so many gifts, and the gathering of everyone together to celebrate. As a child, one of my favorite Christmas movies was “Polar Express” in which the main character is reminded to “Believe” and I feel that believing in the magic of Christmas - especially as a child - made the season as wonderful as it always was for me.

As always, God works in mysterious ways and as I’ve been reflecting on what to write for this post that word “Believe” has come up again and again.

“Why is this so mysterious?” you may ask. Well, let me fill you in.

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A Day of Thanks

I’ve found in my own life that it’s so easy to go through the motions, life becomes a whirlwind and you blink and years have gone by. I keep myself so busy that I sometimes don’t notice the progression of things around me. It’s weekends like this, holidays, that give us the perfect chance to slow down and realize just how blessed we are.

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Just Keep Swimming

I remember when I was in middle school, a friend invited me to go to her aunt and uncle's house for the weekend. Her older sister had also had gotten to invite a friend and one day her aunt took the four of us to Lake Michigan to swim. The water was pretty calm, and my friend and her sister wanted to take us out to the sandbar that was quite a swim off shore. I was never a very good swimmer, but I wanted to find the sandbar so the four of us young girls swam for what felt like forever,  waiting for the water to get shallow enough to touch under our feet. I started to get tired and the waves started to get higher and yet the sandbar was nowhere to be felt. I wondered if we would ever find the sandbar or if I would drown there in the water that my body was getting sick of treading. I started to panic at the thought of drowning out there.

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Why Me?

As I sit to write this blog tonight, I wonder again what God needs me to say to our readers. Again, I wonder what the whole purpose of this blog is and if we are even qualified to be writing about our relationships with God. I know my relationship with him is FAR from perfect and each time I sit to write, I think of all the things I’ve done or failed to do that have lead me astray from His will. I know so many people who could probably say, “Wow, she’s a Catholic? I never would’ve guessed!” because I’ve FAILED to let them see Christ’s light through my actions and words and I will admit, I feel like I’m the least qualified person to be writing on how to live a good and faithful life because I STRUGGLE TO DO SO.

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Procrastinators Unite Tomorrow

As hard as I try, I feel that I often find myself doing things at the last minute. Sometimes it’s because emergency situations come up like a flat tire or overslept alarm but often, the reason for my delay is my own doing. I have such a hard time estimating the time a task will take and thus I have no instinct for setting strict time schedules that I am capable of following!

I’ve heard again and again that being late or last minute gives the impression that you don’t care about the task at all but personally, I find that it means I care too much about every task so I have a hard time stopping somewhere in the middle of something without feeling like the task deserved more of my time and effort. I have a hard time stopping any task that I’ve started and thus every other task on my plate gets pushed aside. Unfortunately, I find the same pattern reflects in my faith life. 

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Change Your World

I’m writing this as I’m sitting in the airport in Charlotte, NC waiting for my final flight to D.C. for a week long conference for work. Normally, the flights to and from locations on business aren’t remarkable or note-worthy but today was and so I had to write.

My flight left Grand Rapids at 6:30 this morning which means I woke up around 3:30 to get myself to the airport. Needless to say, I was groggy and being that I’m travelling alone I hadn’t had to really talk to anyone yet today so I was not looking to make friends. I found myself sitting in the window seat, next to a 40 year old man dressed in business clothes. I had assumed he was your typical frequent flyer - too absorbed in his work to notice much going on around him. However, as the flight went on, I began to notice there was something different about the way he carried himself.

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