My Heart, Be Still


Welcome, Sisters!


"Now then, stand ready to witness the great marvel the Lord is about to accomplish before your eyes." - 1 Samuel 12:16

We are so happy you are here! This has been a dream of ours for a little while and it is amazing to see it become a reality. God planted a seed in our hearts to start a blog for young Catholic ladies from middle school all the way to young adulthood, creating a sisterhood to talk about the things that, well, don't always come up in normal conversation. As women, we have so many expectations, responsibilities, and stresses at every stage of life that it is easy to feel overwhelmed. It was during a period of transition that we realized the thing our life was lacking amidst all the chaos was a strong and consistent relationship with God. 

The four of us- Andrea, Hannah, Kacey, and Katie- began a small group almost a year ago to hold each other accountable in our faith life and to share the many blessings and struggles in our lives. Although we have been friends our whole lives, this small group has truly strengthened not only our friendships, but helped us immeasurably on our journey to Heaven. So, with this blog we hope to create a sisterhood somewhat like that.

We plan to discuss many life topics from a faith perspective in hopes to help others who are facing similar challenges. We are all recent college graduates and have been through the many transitions from middle school to high school to college and some on to marriage or religious discernment. We've been through boyfriends, moving out of state, beginning new careers, and so much more.

Between the four of us we have very diverse faith and life experiences and we thought it would be interesting to share them all together on one blog. We are not here to create a facade that we are perfect in our faith journeys, but rather to be open and vulnerable about our real lives and struggles. Know that you are not alone, and that when all is said and done, God’s got you and you couldn’t be in better hands. 


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